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So about me… where did my love of photography come from?

I guess it started when I was a toddler and my tiny hands were hardly big enough to pick up Dad’s Pentax SLR camera. It was love at first click. Looking through the viewfinder revealed a new way of capturing memories. Memories for me, for my family and for my friends.

I dabbled with film as a kid, but it wasn’t really until the advent of digital did my passion for photography flower. I got myself a cheap 2.1 MP Kodak point 'n' shoot with the money I scrounged and started shooting everything. Composition, lighting, camera settings… these were things that I didn’t know at the time, but I was instinctively employing them in every shot I took. Friends and family that saw my photos asked questions like "Are you a Pro?" or "You must have an expensive camera?" I realised I might have a tinge of photographic talent. 

So this gave me the incentive to take my photography to the next level. I got myself a basic Canon DSLR and kit lens to hone the tricks of the trade. Since then it's been an expensive exercise of new bodies, quality lens and everything else required in my camera bag. 

Has it been worth it every cent spent? Most definitely!!!

What have I been involved in... I am the organiser of The Sydney Photography Meetup Group which was established in 2009. This is the largest photography social Meetup group in Sydney. I organise events, run tutorials and organise gatherings amongst photographers from all over the world. ​

I was also a co-founder of F8 Photographers in 2011. This company specialised in photographic services for live events such as The Miss Pinup Australia, Salsa Palladium, Salsa Latin Open and Cosplay, to portrait sessions, wedding photography, corporate photography and automotive photography.


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